The religious ceremony will take place at St. Elefterie Church. The service will start at 4:30 pm

St Elefterie

The New St. Elefterie Church is one of the largest churches in Bucharest. This monumental church was built in St. Elefteria place, when the nearby Old St. Elefterie Church became too small to satisfy the spiritual needs of the increasing population of this neighbourhood. The church was built from the citizens donations, starting the 29th of June 1935 with the blessing of Miron Christea, Patriach of Romanian Orthodox Church.

In 1940, due to the Second World War, the work at the New Elefterie Church had to stop. At that point the walls, towers and the roof had been built. After the war, the work continued for 36 years, until the 29th of June 1971, the date that marked the official opening of the Church. The inauguration was made by Justinian, the patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. The church hosts a part of the martyr, St. Elefterie, remains. The saint was a deacon at 16 years old, at the age of 18 he was a priest and by 20 he became the bishop of the Iliic.

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